Superyacht ART Training

Care, Compliance, Appreciation, Practical Support. 

The practical  care of onboard art collections offers 12 modules deliverable as lectures or workshops, in the class and now online.  If you are looking for career enhancement and gaining the skills and knowledge for understanding valuable objects in the home, institution, or on the superyacht this is for you. The training is perfect for interior crew, captains, yacht management, shipyards, refit yards, designers, training companies and marine project managers. 

It is a must to avoid serious financial consequences for anyone working for owners of fine art.


Art Appreciation

Superyacht Interior crew members report concerns where they don't understand the value or significance of objects in their care.
Knowledge strengthens the crew’s relationship with the Owner. Understanding the high-stakes global art market allows participants to respect the Owner’s motivation and passion as an art collector. It raises awareness of possessions’ intrinsic value and ultimately means more confidence to interact with the owner, yacht management, art curator and designer to handle assigned tasks.
Enjoy an intensive and fascinating insight into why art around us is important, cultural heritage, the terms used and the genres and movements as well as collectors motivatio

Care & Conservation

Fine and decorative arts are the only appreciating assets on board a vessel. The burden of working for owners of fine art is a responsibility that few people train for. Art handling involves knowledge about how damage occurs to objects, known in conservation as the 10 agents of deterioration.
Our workshops explain the hazards of placing objects and how to avoid climatic damage. Sunlight, humidity, sea air, and temperature are dangerous to sensitive works of art aboard superyachts. Therefore, climate control, correct placement onboard, and artificial lighting are important as well as do's and don'ts of cleaning, handling and logistics.

Legal Export Risks

For captains and yacht management as well as senior interior crew, onboarding valuable artworks means risk.
Many regulations govern cultural objects regardless of ownership as yacht owners have witnessed.
Superyachts carrying goods in international waters are vulnerable if Captains, Pursers and Crew don't learn the documentation and protocols necessary for compliance and good governance of the vessel.
New regulations now exist on the entry of cultural objects into the EU. Breaching national treasure laws resulted in criminal penalties and prison sentences for smuggling as well as halting vessels on their itinerary.

TRAINING details

We are delighted to announce our launch of online courses for you to work through at your own pace during the lockdown and whilst at sea. Our in-classroom programmes will resume as soon as it is safe.  Below our online and classroom programmes:

Online Programme:

The following courses are now available to purchase:

Level 1     Art Appreciation:         Develop your knowledge of fine art

Level 2     Art Management:       Logistics, Materials, Care & Handling, Insurance

Level 3     Legal Export Risks:      Learn dangers and rules, carrying & exporting objects

Level 4     Art Due Diligence:      Masterclass on buying, selling & loaning valuable art

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Classroom: One or Two-Day Programme:

  • Goals, Objectives & Outcomes
  • Art in our Society
  • Climate and environmental considerations
  • Placement of art, conservation cleaning 
  • Understanding Materials and Media 
  • Export sanctions risks
  • Cultural objects EU regulations (2-day programme/additional class)
  • Logistics, Transport , Storage and Art Handling 
  • The basics of Art History (2-day programme)
  • Insurance (2-day programme)
  • Understanding the art market and owner as collector (2-day programme)
  • Onboarding a new artwork
  • Copyright (2-day programme)
  • Collectors Services – support services for handling 
    art and art collectors (2-day programme)

Private Lectures

Art and Marine related lectures delivered to select groups on cultural heritage in a Maritime environment, related to destinations and art on yachts

Events and group training previous dates

UK, London, Superyacht Stewardess Training Course in association with Alex Parker Larkin Superyacht Training School, June 2021

Webinar, Quaynote Conference, Family Office s, Yachts & Jets, May 26, 2021

Private Online Briefing, Global Insurance Underwriters Group, March 2021

Webinar, Practical AML Solutions for Auctioneers, 1st March, 2021

Webinar, Quaynote Superyacht Conference, Art On Board Panel, 3rd December, 2020

Webinar, IORMA Consumer Commerce, Who or What Influences the Luxury Buyer, 12th November,2020 

Webinar, Art & Marine Insurance, September, 2020

Online Workshop, Art Appreciation Young Persons, March 2020

UK, London, Sotheby’s Institute, Lecture, March 2020

Germany, Hamburg, German Superyacht Conference, February 2020

UK, London, Superyacht Investor Conference, January 2020

UK, London, Two Day Course, January 2020

UK, London, Sotheby’s Lecture, Logistics, Art & Superyachts, November, 2019

UK, London, British Academy, Lyon & Turnbull, Breakfast Seminar, October 2019

Belgium, Antwerp, IFASIC Global Art Insurance Conference, Workshop, October 2019

Monaco, Monaco Yacht Show, Training Seminar, September 2019

Greece, Athens, East Med Superyacht Conference, June 2019

Canada, Corporate Training Progamme, Two Day Course, April 2019

Monaco, Yacht Club de Monaco, Art Risk Art Seminar 2019

Caribbean, St Maarten Rendezvous, Captain; s Legal Risk Workshop 2019

Caribbean, St Maarten Rendezvous, Interior Crew, Care of Art Workshop 2019

UK, London, Superyacht Investor Conference, February 2019

UK, London, Royal Academy, Klimt Exhibition, Guided Tour, November 2018

UK, London, Sotheby’s Lecture, Logistics, Art & Superyachts, April 2019

UK, London, National Maritime Museum, Protection of Art at Sea Symposium, June 2018

UK, London, Sotheby’s Lecture, Logistics, Art & Superyachts, April 2018

UK, London, Two Day Course, March 2018

La Ciotat, Composite Works ACREW Care of Onboard Art Collections Workshop, November 2017

Spain, Palma, Yacht Show, ACREW Care of Onboard Art Collections Workshop, April 20

Supporting the insurance industry

Calculating risk for art on superyachts, despite being a niche and specialist area, is one with potentially high penalties for getting it wrong.

Pandora Art Services has started to work with the insurance industry helping to assess schedules of assets to be taken on board. We also run courses for brokers, underwriters and loss adjusters to enable them to understand the unique situations which might result in loss. We help them to understand how the value of an artwork can be upheld through conservation on board.

Potential loss on super yachts is not limited to a few paintings on the wall valuable as they might be, it is also important to remember that there are a plethora of sculptures, decorative objects, and design pieces with delicate surfaces that can be expensive or impossible to repair. Indeed, many objects on a superyacht will be unique, even if not high value, and they may be treasured by the owner.


Cerise Washington on completing The Practical Care of Onboard Art Collections training.

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