Pandora Mather-Lees teaches at Yacht Club de Monaco conference room
Yacht Club de Monaco training day


Art Safety

Could you safely organise the packing of a valuable painting? Understand the various export risks of taking art into international waters?

Art Assessment

Do you appreciate the nature and value of both art and the many design objects and ornaments on board? How can you articulate what you see in front of you and how can you respond to guests' questions?

Art Conservation

How should you get fine art objects cleaned, conserved or technically analysed? How do you find and fit appropriate casings, framing and coverings for paintings on board?


Why do I need training?

On-board art collections can be worth more than the superyacht itself. Successfully caring for prestigious objects presents interior crew at all levels with unique challenges. Risks are categorised by environmental damage, human intervention and falling foul of legal pitfalls with certain cultural objects.

Who is it for?

Superyacht crew, captains, yacht management, yards, designers, training companies and marine project managers.
Anyone working for owners of fine art.
We conduct one to one training, lectures, workshops or a full two-day course to include how to classify art, look at a painting and the art market structure.
Location is adaptable to suit you.

What will I achieve?

This 1 or 2-day certified course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to care for art collections aboard luxury vessels.
You will learn how to avoid risks, enjoy your surroundings and have the comfort of ongoing personal support once completed.
Give yourself the edge when applying for new positions at sea or on land.

Art On Board

Impress your employers and their guests with your knowledge of art on-board and offer owners peace of mind that you understand how to prevent their most precious objects from de-valuing.  Take your career to the next level.

Galactica Star Superyacht
Galactica Star Superyacht image Courtesy of Bannenberg & Rowell , Photo credit: David Churchill