Monaco Yacht Show 2022

]The Emerald Ship Sculpture by Jaroslav Prosek image courtesy of artsio gallery
“The Emerald Ship”
Image Courtesy of Artsio Gallery
A unique sculpture featured on deck of a 70m+  Yacht by Czech Artist Jaroslav Prosek

We are excited to announce that we will be conducting interviews at the show this year to to highlight the best interiors on show.  Art On Superyachts is dedicated to preserving and conserving cultural assets on board and we want to celebrate those assets by showing just how wonderful art can be at sea. Fine art has the ability to enhance the interior programme, differentiating the design scheme from other superyachts and articulating the narrative.  Having an art programme throughout the yacht can bring its interior elements together in a thoughful way to create an atmosphere of sophistication, luxury and comfort.  Special features create a talking point for guests and will add that extra je ne sais crois for charter, sale or entertaining. 

During this year’s show there are some exciting yachts on show and we will be posting some amazing designs and explaining how they work from an artistic perspective and this page will be dedicated to showcasing them.

Winch Design were kind enough to share this project with us.  Here the interior of the bedroom has been enhanced by a stunning mural of Mt Fiji. This might be familiar to you as it is a copy of a woodprint by the nineteenth century artist Katsushika Hokusai.  It is an iconic scene and Hokusai painted many views – another work by the artist may be familiar to you – The Wave.  Hokusai was a member of the ukiyo-e school of artists which had enormous influence on western art of the nineteenth and 20th centuries. 

Dominating the interior programme, this mural spans a bespoke curved panel created by the designers to undulate the space. The mountain curves with the panel solving the problem of installing a standard painting on a concave surface.  The designer has chosen to cadapt the original colouring to blend with the neutrall creams and beige tones of the interior. The snow peaked mountains glow creating a 3D effect and the gold glistenes to catch the light to delight the owner or guests as they wake up to the morning sun!

This is a photo of Mount Fuji in a superyacht mural courtesy of Winch Design
Photo: Courtesy of Winch Design