Monaco Yacht Show 2023

Photograph of yacht interior showing crystal sculpture 
Crystal sculpture display by Vlastmil Beranek on board a superyacht, Courtesy of Artsio Gallery[/caption]
We are excited to announce that we were invited to conduct interviews at the show last year to to highlight the best interiors on display.  

Art On Superyachts is dedicated to helping owners preserving and conserving cultural assets on board and we want to celebrate those assets by showing just how wonderful art can be at sea. 

Fine art has the ability to enhance the interior programme, differentiating the design scheme from other superyachts and articulating the narrative.  Having an art programme throughout the yacht can bring its interior elements together in a thoughtful way to create an atmosphere of sophistication, luxury and comfort.  Special features create a talking point for guests and will add that extra je ne sais crois for charter, sale or entertaining.

The following is an extract from our article published in the renowned Family Office Magazine which discussed some of the interiors aboard along with our interview with Johnathan Beckett CEO of Burgess Yachts:

The Monaco Yacht Show, featuring an impressive display of over 100 superyachts this year, transformed Port Hercule Bay into a breathtaking

Apart from introducing new and revitalized yachts for charter, the event serves as a platform to showcase the exceptional interior designs that set each superyacht apart from its competitors. In this article, we delve into the significance of art programs in the interior design process, exploring how they enhance the overall experience.

The Influence of Art in Interior Design:

Throughout Western art history, interior decoration has served as a means of communicating the aspirations, achievements, and surrounding influences of the owners and patrons. 

From ancient civilizations like the Minoans, who adorned their walls with sea-themed murals, to Renaissance Italy, where allegorical artwork intensified the desires of the aristocracy, programmatic design has long been employed to convey messages and create unique legacies. Today, superyacht owners and designers continue to draw inspiration from these historical precedents, infusing predetermined themes into their interior designs.

Exploring Remarkable Art Programs at the Monaco Yacht Show:

During the Monaco Yacht Show, we had the opportunity to explore some exceptional examples of art programs integrated into superyachts.
One standout vessel, M/Y Lucine, captivated our attention with its lunar-inspired concept. From the crescent moon logo adorning various elements to a genuine piece of moonrock showcased on entry, the yacht’s interior design eloquently conveyed its theme. Another noteworthy mention is Burgess Yachts, renowned for its diverse range of services including sales, charter, and yacht management. We spoke with Jonathan Beckett, who shed light on the art-driven interior styling of Burgess’ fleet.

Designing for Owners and Charter:

When it comes to designing superyachts, the process must take into account the owner’s preferences and budget. 

Interior designers work closely with owners or their representatives, ensuring the design aligns with their vision. However, when a yacht is commercially chartered, additional considerations arise. Valuable artworks often remain on board, as the logistics and risks associated with removal outweigh the potential dangers of leaving them in situ. Proper risk assessments are conducted to safeguard these precious pieces during charter trips.

The Impact of Sales and Trends in Design:

The sale of a superyacht presents its own set of challenges when it comes to artworks. 

Deciding which pieces are considered fixtures and negotiating ownership and inclusion in the sale agreement can be complex. Timing and logistics play a crucial role in transferring the artworks to their new owners. In terms of design trends, superyachts fall into two categories: those with lasting designs that transcend passing trends, and those that cater to fashionable styles. A seamless integration of art and design reinforces the overall theme, be it nautical, contemporary, or inspired by a particular continent.

Exploring Art Programs on Notable Superyachts:

One standout example at the Monaco Yacht Show was M/Y Elandess, boasting an impressive fine art collection curated to perfection. 
The owner’s passion for culture is evident in the careful selection and presentation of each artwork. Lighting plays a vital role in enhancing the focal points and creating a captivating ambience. From abstract landscapes by Julian Opie to figurative works by Beryl Cook and Andrew Hewkin, the collection aboard Elandess transforms the yacht into a floating art gallery.

The Boundaries between Art and Design:

In addition to paintings and sculptures, key design pieces can contribute to the overall art program. 

Superyachts often feature unique design elements that support the ambience created by the art collection. For instance, Artsio Gallery showcased monumental examples of sub-fossil oak, which can serve as sculptures or be incorporated into the design process as luxury basins.


It is clear that the art programme on board a superyacht adds cachet, that ‘je ne sais quoi’ which speaks volumes about the taste of the owner. Often, the owner will be guided by a curator, advisor or interior designer, however, the ultimate choice is theirs. The overall theme is important, being the invisible glue, which holds the various elements together and resonates with the subconscious. The growth in the super-rich population and the greater capacity for fine art in the interior will ensure continued delight for owners, crew and guests. We look forward to reporting on more outstanding examples of the best in the superyacht design class.

Photo of interior of MY Elandess
Cabin interior design on MY Elandess