Industry press

ArtIn Magazine – The value of art and why we should care for it, Written by Pandora.

Onboard Online – 14th April 2021 New Collaboration Offers Superyacht Crew Training for Fine Art, Written by Pandora

Start Yachting – September 2020 Interview with Chandre Robinson

Art Ratio Blog – 25 May 2020 The problem with Due Diligence in the Art Market

Art Ratio Blog – 12 May 2020 The Master of Light and Form Reinvents Monumental Bohemian Sculpture

Boote Exclusiv Magazin – 8 April 2020 German Superyachts Conference  

Boote Exclusiv Magazine – May June 2020 Kunst An bord

Nautilus International – 21 February 2020 Art Attack A Superyacht Investigation

Superyacht Technology News – November 2019

Art Ratio Blog – 21 October 2019 Expert Interview with Pandora Mather-Lees

On Board – Spring 2019 Know Your Artwork

On Board – Spring 2019 The Art of Caring

Monopol Magazin – 17 April 2019, Kunst auf Luxus-Yachten, So manches Museum wäre  neidisch auf die Bedingungen an Bord, (article by Anne Waak)

Dockwalk Magazine – February 2019, A Fine Art – How to Handle Art on Board, (article by  Sara Ventiera)

Artnet News – 4 February  2019, What Worries Today’s Billionaires? Protecting Priceless  Art From Flying Champagne Corks on Their Superyachts, (article by Henri Neuendorf)

Art Due Diligence Group – February 2018, Interview with Art Consultant and ADDG  Member Pandora MatherLees on management and care of fine art for collectors

Megayacht News – 23 February 2018 Protecting Art Aboard Superyachts

Tv and luxury press

Anti-Money Laundering & Art, Practical Solutions from Experts, March 2021

Quaynote Conference: ‘Picasso On Board, What Can Go Wrong?’ December 2020

IORMA, Webinar, ‘Who or What Influences the Luxury Buyer’. November 2020

Welcome back! Webinar, Fine Art & Marine Insurance, Online, September 2020

VOGUE Polska – June 2020 –  Sailing Towards new Horizons

Superyacht Investor London – March 2020 Art at Sea

Art Ratio 23rd January 2020 – Expert Interview for Sotheby’s Institute

The Art Due Diligence Group Launch – April 2019 BBC Interview with Aaron Heslehurst,  (Pandora Mather-Lees interviewed by the BBC on the market need for art due diligence)

Luxury Press

ART&WINE MAGAZINE – Pandora Mather-Lees über Kunst auf Superyachten (Pandora Mather-Lees about art on superyachts), Interview with Pandora.

The Robb Report – 19th March 2022, How Superyacht Owners Are Turning their Boats into Floating Galleries for Blue-Chip Art, Interview with Pandora

Rosemont International – 12 February 2019
Rosemont Family Office Art Advisory, Pandora Mather-Lees Interview

The Real Riviera Magazine – 17 February 2019 Managing Export Sanctions Risk hosted by ACREW and PANDORA ART SERVICES

Tatler – 4 February 2019 – “Superyacht owners are teaching staff how to care for priceless  artworks”, (article by Rebecca Cope)

De Tijd – 6 June 2019 Een Basquiat maak je best niet proper met een natte vod

Lyon & Turnbull Auction House – November 2019 For Those In Peril on the Sea, Risk Reduction for the Superyacht Art Collector

Family Office Magazine – Summer 2018 Fine Art on Superyachts and in International Waters. The Protection of Art at Sea Symposium, National Maritime Museum, London, 2nd May 2018  



Art on the Superyachts: Beware of Wine Corks and Kids – January 2021

Business Insider – 4 February 2019
“Billionaire yacht owners are desperately seeking advice to protect their priceless art from flying champagne corks and corn-flake stains” 

Artnet News – 5 February 2019
“A new course teaches yacht crew members how to protect a billionaire’s priceless art from flying Champagne corks” 


Photo Credit: Bannenberg & Rowell Designers, David Churchill, Photographer