Training in all aspects of art management for captains, crew, concierge & household staff employed by art collectors

“Having someone qualified to advise and train crew on the care of fine art on yachts is essential and takes away a lot of the worry of carrying such valuable items onboard”
Captain Richard Bridge, Bridge Yachting

"The Care of Art Onboard is extremely useful and is missing from general interior training" .
Chief Stew, Palma Yacht Show, Training Workshop, 2018

"Amazing, Practical and informative......loved it!!
Steward, Palma Yacht Show, Training Workshop, 2018

"As an art advisor with 12 years practice, I deal with private collectors and some of them are superyachts owners. It is absolutely essential to have professional advice on the specific aspects of art on yachts. Pandora set high standards for this service. I am very happy to build long term and fruitful collaboration with her that will benefit my clients needs"
Victoria Stupina, Art Consultant, Russia, London Workshop, 2020.